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Tired of buying low Quality Lithium Batteries?

Tired of Buying Low-Quality Lithium Batteries?

Don’t worry. We have Lithium Battery 18650 3.7V 2600mah that is tested and can last longer.

I personally have been purchasing lithium batteries for my power bank and flashlights. But failing to buy a good quality lithium battery.

But now, I have found a good quality lithium battery and would wanted to share it to you at an affordable price.

Longer UPS, Power Bank and Flashlight usage.

Order now and Pay Cash On Delivery

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How to enjoy with your family and being productive at the same time?

Multi-Functional Portable UPS is now Here !!!

You can plug in your laptop to our Multi-Functional Portable UPS. You can charge your cell phone at the same time. You can use your phone internet connection to use it as a hotspot and connect your laptop and be able to do your business, work and communicate with your suppliers, customers, friends, and relatives.

So, who said that you cannot enjoy yourself with your family by going to the beach, camping, outing and while being productive at the same time.

Don’t leave home without a Multi-Functional Portable UPS. Have one now !!!.

Order Now and Pay Cash on Delivery.

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Car Starter Kit with Air Compressor

No More Worries. Car Start Kit with Air Compressor is Here. You can use foldable panel to charge your Car Starter Kit. You start your car. We have models for Gas and Diesel engines. With LED lights to help you see in the dark. You can also charge you phone using this kit. You can pump your tire even you are on the road. This also can be used during camping and hiking. For emergency and disaster, this kit will definitely be a helping hand. This item is “Coming Very soon !!!